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NEW Solar Panels!

Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall Trustees installed 60 solar panels on our roof in march 2015. It Cost £25k money was used from our Friends activities and surplus in our account.


The cost is approximately £25k and the money has been raised by the Friends of the Memorial Hall and the good managment of our Hall.


This new enterprise will raise over £3000 every year for the next 20 years, as we are locked into an Feed In Tariff set by the government. This money will go towards helping the long term sustainability of the hall.  


In keeping with our ethos of spending money on local businesses ( where possible and pratical) when using locally raised money, we have selected a local company for the installation.


The company we have selected is Viking Solar Ltd based in Sheering Mill Lane and owned by John and Analese Furnace.

please look at their link and request details their price was very competitive and Johns knowledge to date has been very good.


60 panels will produce up to 16.8kw of power, This will power up to 10 homes in Sawbridgeworth


We are earning over £3000 / yr in electricity supply charges to the grid.